As previously stated, the mere existence of information on a webpage does not automatically mean that there is access to it.  Access must be meaningful access.   Surprisingly, not every website with legal information has a search mechanism available, and many that do are searching all of the information on the page, not just the primary law.  Having search mechanisms that allow for advanced searching and are dedicated to just the legal information on the website (instead of the entire website) would greatly improve access to the law.

For case law websites, seventeen (17) out of the one hundred and five (105) websites did not provide any search mechanism.


Code websites were by far the most accessible via search.  For those, twenty-seven (27) provided a basic search box and twenty-three (23) provided an advanced search feature. Only one website did not have any search capability.

CodeSearchRegulation websites had the highest percentage of non-searchable pages.  Twenty-five (25) provided a basic search, twelve (12) provided an advanced search and thirteen had no search availability at all.